Russo Noleggi
Rental and sale of
aerial platforms and elevators
third party transport

Russo Noleggi - The company

Russo Noleggi dedicates its activity to the rental and sale of aerial platforms for lifting people and materials and for handling goods and special loads. All models, carefully selected from those of the most important manufacturers, meet the most stringent safety regulations.

The vast fleet of RUSSO NOLEGGI machines allows ample choice, in relation to the most diverse needs of customers who can also enjoy specific consultancies aimed at using the most suitable means to contain intervention times and costs.

The rental of special vehicles and equipment, in addition to being a viable alternative to purchase, avoids capital investments with absolute tax deductibility, with the availability of machines that are always new and suitable for the needs of the moment.

Our rental rates are clear and transparent and allow certain costs and limited to the period of use.

The vehicles and machines of RUSSO NOLEGGI are ideal for particular uses, for works of tinsmithing, internal and external cladding, false ceilings, stable maintenance, prefabricated assembly, bridge maintenance, viaducts and tunnels, pruning, industrial cleaning, exhibition set-ups, industrial assembly and of carpentry, industrial demolitions, restorations.